Re: What happen to Android Wear Support?


I believe you are (as a Verizon) quite AWARE of this issue... Some new users now happen to cross you with the same OLD and KNOWN to you issue... It's like a ticking bomb... All worked fine until the NEWEST UPDATE FROM GOOGLE of their NEWEST OS WEAR came in. I have Ticwatch E, and after upgrading (and indeed resetting watch in hope it'd bring INSTANTLY LOST MESSENGER + BACK) it says now (in Play Store) : this app (Messenger +) IS Not COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR WATCH!! - yes, Messenger + is still there on Google's Play Store, but I BET in a wake of constant WARS between IT companies (anybody remembers Browser's WARS BETWEEN MICROSOFT AND REST OF THE WORLD? - same way Google killed pretty much Firefox with their Chrome) - same happens here - AT FIRST, the Googles Messages did not work smooth enough.. FEW DAYS LATER, suddenly with 'internal tweaks and updates from Google, it works totally fine on my Ticwatch (effectively killing desire of Messege + back on my watch .. in a way at least)!! Bye, bye Messege + (which is bad, because Message + still is better polished app when works then Messages from Google - for the moment) - BUT PEOPLE! WAKY , WAKY.. Even tone of this 'Tech Support' of you EXCELLENT POINTs/QUESTIONS is fake - pleasing you in wake of their cannot do anything about it.... they know.. AND FOR THE MOMENT They CAN DO NOTHING... and more, and more users will repetitively will bring this problem as it is real (to Verizon).. Not all of us discovered it yet, but it is only matter of time when (like with any other smart device) they will be in need to 'hard reset' (for varieties of reasons) when they will unpleasantly discover their favorite Message + is gone.... It's all about those WARS..  Same o, same o.. All your new 'firmware upgrades' on your phones, while fixing some issue Purposely BRING OTHER so eventually your phone slows down, and you are FORCED TO BUY A NEW MORE POWERFUL PHONE......... GOT IT??? Smiley Sad (as long as phones/devices ARE MADE IN US it's greats as people have jobs....... but no!! they are made abroad!!! ;(... ) - bad deal.