Re: Message+ Save Corrupts Content


You would think so. Ann154, if you have a specific app from the Playstore to recommend, then please do so. But I've tried several of them, including "SMS Backup & Restore."  None of them work any better than Message+, even considering the work-around you have to go through to not end up with garbled apostrophes.

Some of the apps will specifically only backup and restore SMS messages, so you lose all of your MMS/group messages. Some seem to hit some internal limitation and they crash a couple of hundred messages in. "SMS Backup & Restore" handles both SMS and MMS. However, it can't handle advanced/enhanced messages, which I think equates to the enhanced chat features used in person to person messages which are enabled, by default, with the "Enable chat" option in the Application settings section inside of Message+. When I tried to get the owner's messages with SMS Backup & Restore, it only backed up about 3500 of the 4500 total messages that were there. Losing 1000 messages was not an option.

So I'd really like the bug in this application to be fixed, which is what this thread is ultimately about – not alternatives to this app which may or may not work.