Re: Message+ Save Corrupts Content


Yes, I'm also having this issue. I manage a business account, and I just replaced the owner's phone, and Samsung Smart Switch garbled up many of the MMS messages when I used it to transfer the SMS/MMS messages. So I tried the manual method next provided by the Messages app. But on the new phone all of the apostrophes were messed up, which was not acceptable to the owner (or to me). So I used the Notepad++ text editor to edit the .vzm file exported by the app, to remove all 1822 instances of the extra "&" tag as suggested above. Then I deleted all of the messages and re-imported them, and the apostrophes were fine this time. -- This is not the first time I've seen this error in Messages either. I recall looking at ways to directly edit existing messages a year or two ago because this same thing happened then. But the user in that case didn't care about their apostrophes being messed up. But the owner cared, and so will I when I move all of my messages to a new device soon. (The 90 day cloud restore is totally insufficient for our needs - we keep way more messages than that for valid business reasons.)