Message+ Save Corrupts Content


When saving messages in Message+, the UTF-8 encoding function makes two passes over the text. It should only make one pass. Please fix the UTF-8 encoding function.


Take this text for example:

    "I'm going to the store."

The correct UTF-8 encoded string is:

    "I'm going to the store."

Message+ makes one pass which generates the correct string, but then makes a second pass which encodes the ampersand and results in this:

    "I'm going to the store."

When Message+ restores the messages with these erroneous encodings, the result is:

   "I'm going to the store."

  This can be corrected manually by editing the .vzm text file and replacing all "&" with "&". These files are stored in the VZMessages folder.

Content modified as required by Verizon Wireless Terms of Service

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