Galaxy S7 Unable to Activate Messages+ Service



   I have Galaxy S7 that used to be a company phone. They bought us all iPhones to replace the android phone and gave us the option to keep the Galaxy phones. I kept mine to use as a mini-tablet of sorts that won't have cell service (because my number got moved to the iPhone) but the Wi-Fi still works. However, I am now unable to activate my Messages+ app on this new mini-tablet. When I log in to the app, it shows me my phone number on the 'get started' page. Last night when I clicked 'Next' it sent a text to my iPhone with a code to enter on my Android phone to activate service. However, my Android never asked me to enter a code for activation. So nothing happens.

Now, today, Messages+ isn't even sending codes to my iPhone anymore. No matter how many times I select "Activate Account' on the Android phone, service is not activated. Please help!

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