Re: Issues with Verizon Message App on Andriod Wear Oreo


I got tired of waiting around for either Verizon or Google to do anything about this problem.  So I started doing research on my own, and began looking into this new Messaging & Calling App called Pulse (developed by Luke Klinker). It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.  This App works similar to the Verizon Message + App.  It's a messaging app which allows shared messaging between all portable devices. It also allows you to make phone calls through the app.  Another great feature of this app, is that it interfaces with the Verizon Message App and allows users to use their original phone number for texting & calling.  This app can be used in conjunction with the Verizon App, without it being set as the default messaging app.  And it's one of the few messaging apps, that's actually VISIBLE on any LG Watch Sport running on Andriod Wear Oreo...Just download this app on your phone and smartwatch

While this app does offer calling features, the calling features only seem to work from the cell phone, it doesn't seem allow cellular calling from the smartwatch.  This app works only in Bluetooth Mode while your watch is connected to your phone, and this app must be left open and running on your phone, in order to receive texts on your watch. Use of this App is free for the 1st. 7 days, then there's 99 cents monthly charge..

I've been using this app for the past few days, with no issues.  While this app isn't a permanent fix; it at least allows Verizon users on Android Wear Oreo, to receive and respond to text messages from their watch..

Taking some action now..Is a lot better than waiting around for a solution from Verizon or Google; which MAY never happen...

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