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IamNivek, ensuring that you're able to send/receive group text messages with your mobile device is very important. I use the same mobile device that you're currently using (Moto Z Force with Android 7.1.1installed). Just as mobile phone's software versions update, apps will too.


I experienced a temporary issue with group texting, very similar to what you're experiencing. To resolve this matter, I simply checked the app version for Verizon Messages + along with checking to make sure all of my messaging apps (I used multiple apps on occasions) were up to date.

This can be quickly done from your mobile phone by accessing Settings> Apps, then scrolling to each messaging app you use (e.g. Message +, etc.). You should then be able to view the most updated version of the app there. I also recommend scrolling down a tad more to the "App details" section located beneath "Store" (e.g. Google Play Store) and tapping the "App details" option. Scrolling down to the very bottom of the app will result in you being able to view the following:

- Version:

- Updated on:

- Developer e-mail:

- Developer address:

Additionally, it's also very important to make sure that the person(s) sending the group texts are not sending them to you via iMessage (Apple's internal messaging feature), which other Apple device users can view, but not non-Apple device users. Did I explain this okay? - RobertC_VZW


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