Not receiving group messages outside of Message + app


If someone creates a group message inside the Verizon Message+ application, I do not receive them.  The only way I knew these group texts existed is because the person who created the group asked if I was getting them and I received a strange message one time.

I DID receive a message from a strange Denver number with the following message one time and this is how I figured out what was happening:

From:  (588) area code

SENDERPHONE#:  Messages are waiting for you.  Download Message+ to read these messages at

I then opened the Message+ application and saw the group text and all the messages that were sent.  I never received these with the default Android app or Textra (my preferred texting app).

I do receive individual texts, and group texts from other people, but it appears that if the text is sent from the Group Message inside the Message + app, I never get it.  This happened again, with a family member who created a group text using Message+.  I never got it nor did the above message come through like it did once before.  I only knew the group text existed when my sister asked if I got it.  When I opened Message+, there it was!

Is anyone else having this problem?  I have the latest version of the app:  6.4.42

Thanks for the help!

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