Re: Mass texting on messenger in message+


When i send one message to multiple people they are getting it as a group message.  Those people are able to see the other contacts I have sent the text to.  In the past if I click on the "only me" option the one text goes to each one individually.  Not it does not do that any more.  This was my original question.

Yes.  The way I know this has happened is 1. I have asked the people on the other side to confirm as you've suggested and they can see everyone included in the message.  2.  in the past, when this tool worked properly, once i pressed send, it used to create several boxes with the same message with however many contacts I send it to.  so if i sent it to 4 people, i would have the same message 4 times within that text message showing it was sent to four people.  I assume because it was individually sent.  Now, it just has that one message to the group.