Re: Text messaging hit and miss


I'm having the same problems.  My wife was at the hospital with my son while I was at work and trying to get information.  I cannot talk on the phone at work, so we texted.  Or so we thought.  This happened Saturday and it is now Monday and NONE of the texts have come through.  Verizon is really starting to aggravate their customers to a point that Sprint (or any other carrier) is looking better.

The other issue is when it does not send the text, it keeps trying.  So it is eating up my data because it keeps trying to send for HOURS! So if I go over my data limit due to Verizon's failing servers, will I not get charged extra???  Hahaha....YES!  They do still charge for going over EVEN if it their fault!!

Last time I called and spoke with someone, about 2 weeks ago, they said Verizon was updating their servers to 5G and they were sorry for the inconvenience.  That's all well and good but taking this long and disrupting service to this extent is stupid.

Verizon, you need to address this issue NOW!!