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I haven't been on facebook in months. Premium texting is blocked. I have never used my cell phone number on any online form, or any sweepstakes. I was fraudulently signed up. Please don't get me wrong, I don't think Verizon is the one who signed me up. I think the scammers are finding working cell phone numbers and just signing people up. A simple google search shows this is happening to many people. The scammers still want my personal information and copy of my phone bill, and dodge the question of how I was signed up. Someone from Verizon has finally responded to me over email. Verizon now says they don't see a charge on my bill even though just few days ago when I spoke to someone directly by phone they saw the $9.99/month charge and told me there was nothing they could do about it. She told me that they are not responsible for third party billing since they can't control what users do with their phones.  She said it has happened to her before and I need to fight for my money back with the company that is charging me. My overall concern is that this can happen to anyone and there isn't much you can do about it. Either pay the bill or risk giving more personal information to known scammers to get your $10 back.

From Verizon:

Good Morning Mr. XXXXX,

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless through our website.  We appreciate
your patience while we are working attentively to resolve your concerns in a
timely matter; I apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you for sharing your
feedback!   Please be assured Verizon Wireless does not participate in the
selling of wireless phone numbers nor does it sell or distribute account
information to unrelated third parties. My name is Teresa, I understand the
urgency in resolving your concerns and I've owned your inquiry regarding your
belief that you have been fraudulently signed up for a premium service.  Upon
review of your account, I do not show a $9.99 charge for a Premium Message.  


Upon review of your account, I see that you have since cancel the
subscription and added the Block Premium Messaging feature, which will prevent
the registration to Premium Message services going forward as well as cancel any
current subscriptions to line ending in XXXX effective 1/8/12.  I have since
added this block also to line ending XXXX.

Mr. XXXXXX, a Premium Message is a text message subscription that gives
you access to services such as ringtones, wallpapers, or text alerts (e.g.
weather alerts, news updates, and horoscopes). This service is provided by a
third party vendor that was enabled from your wireless device or through a
participating website.


During the initial sign up process, subscribers must confirm the acceptance
of a premium charge subscription before the charges are applied to their
account. Acceptance may be confirmed through a double opt-in process, which
requires you to reply to a message sent to you by the content provider, or by
inputting the PIN (sent to your wireless device) on the third party vendor's
en internet.


When you want to cancel your subscription, you will have to reply to a text
message from the third-party vendor or send a new text message to the five digit
code that was provided in their text message and include one of the following


Please ensure that the message body includes only one of the aforementioned
commands. If you have a "Signature" included in your text messages, it must be
deleted. You may delete your signature by placing the cursor behind your
signature and pressing the CLR button on your wireless device. Después de
"Signature" has been deleted, you may then press SEND.


You will receive a text message confirming the cancellation of your Premium
Message subscription within 24 hours if you have sent the correct command. Si
you have not received your confirmation message within the 24 hours, please send
one of the other keywords until you receive your confirmation message.


If you do not receive the confirmation message or need assistance with
processing this cancellation of the Premium Message subscription, please contact
our data technical support team at 800-922-0204, option 3, from an alternate


Mr. XXXXX, there are also preventative measures you can take to ensure
you do not get registered for Premium Message services again:


.  Never send a text message to any four or five-digit addresses.

. Never give your wireless number to any website, unless it is a known and
trusted site to you.

. Never send any messages to any addresses you see on a commercial
advertising "free ringtones/wallpapers/games" as there is usually a monthly
subscription charge. The addresses for these offers are usually displayed as a
four or five character address (Games, Tones, Funny, etc).

Mr. XXXXX, it was my pleasure assisting you today and I have provided
details about Premium Messages and advised that there is no additional charge
applied to your account.  Feel free to contact me at 803-231-1806 Monday -
Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm if you have additional concerns regarding this inquiry.
This will route you to my voice mail. Please leave your name and best number to
reach you, and I will be glad to call you back within 24 hours.


We appreciate your business and look forward to longer years of commitment to
each other.







Servicio al Cliente de Verizon Wireless


If you have received this e-mail in error or are not the intended recipient,
please notify us immediately by replying to this e-mail and deleting it and all
copies and backups thereof. If you are the intended recipient and are a Verizon
Wireless customer, this response is subject to the terms of your Customer



-----Original Message-----

From:     XXXXXXX

Sent:      Fri Jan 13 11:56:16 EST 2012



Subject:  Message/Alert Blocking


Form Message


Market ID: Upstate New York

Zip Code: XXXX

First Name: Mark

Last Name: XXXXXX

Full Name: Mark XXXXX

Email Address: XXXX

Daytime Phone Area Code: XXX

Daytime Phone Prefix: XXX

Daytime Phone Suffix: XXXX

Daytime Phone Extension:

Fax Area Code:

Fax Prefix:

Fax Suffix:

Número de cuenta:

Mobile Area Code: XXX

Mobile Prefix: XXX

Mobile Suffix: XXx

SSN:psswrd vrfd

Primary Subject: Text, Picture and Video Messaging

Secondary Subject: Message/Alert Blocking

Message Body: I am concerned I am stuck in a scam and have no way to get out
of it. I was fraudulently signed up for a premium service. I did not sign up for
it, I did not send a premium text, nor did I fill out any online form. I called
to speak to one of your representatives about this issue and she said Verizon
cannot help with 3rd party billing even if it is fraud. She told me how to send
a stop request to the offending company and she stopped future premium texts
from being sent to my phone. 944-08 is the scammer's text phone number. Este
stopped messages coming from 5 digit numbers, but now I am getting the same type
of messages from 6 digit codes (such as 595-959). Your representative told me I
needed to fight the company to get my $9.99/month back. I have called that
company 4 times and finally they answered an email. They claim they need my
wireless bill faxed or emailed to them to get a refund. This will just give them
my personal information that is located o n the bill such as my name, address,
home phone number, other cell phone numbers, etc. Is there any way you can help
me to reverse these charges without giving my personal information to a known
scammer/spammer? I am concerned things will just get worse by giving them all my
personal information. I have tried to view my bill online and don't see the info
that they are asking for. Please help me. I know I am not the only one this has
happened to. Please! I am concerned for my personal safety and my personal
information. Their email states: Please provide a copy of your phone bill
showing short code number with charge, phone number charged along with name and
address payable.

From scammers:

Please provide a copy of your phone bill showing short code number with charge,

phone number charged along with name and address payable.

On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 8:59 AM, <XXXXX> escribió:

I am contacting you to get a refund of your services. I never signed up for
them. I do not have premium texting on my phone so I don't see what you are
texting me, it just shows up as "....". I have been calling that third party
company that you have for questions, they have assured me twice that someone
will get back to me to complete the refund. However no one has called.

Please refund my bill immediately. I never signed up for any service. Yo
not put my phone number on any form online. I did not text a premium phone
number since I do not have premium texting. There is no way that I signed up for
this service. I have been scammed by you, your affiliate, or someone just
playing games.

Please contact me immediately to resolve this issue. I would also like to
know why you started charging me in the first place. How you think I signed

My cell phone number is XXXXX

My email address is XXXX

My work phone number is XXXXX

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