Re: New Community Feedback - It SUCKS Royally


Ok you want my feedback.


{please keep your posts courteous} I used to have no problems accessing the forum from my Verizon Wireless Blackberry Curve, and now there is no accessing it. When I go to the forum, It loads 16% and then locks.  I have reset my phone, backed up and restored my phone, called tech support, and nothing fixes it.  What good is having a Smartphone, if I can't even access Verizon's own website.  This is another reason to want to make me leave, and go to another carrier.  I have no problem accessing AT&T's site, T-mobile, or even Sprint from my worthless crappy Verizon phone, but not Verizon.  I guess Verizon is saying "Hey we may be the US's largest wireless carrier, but we won't make our website work with our own phones so go away we don't want you".

FIX IT so it works with your own devices. How hard is that?

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