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KaLin wrote:

Hola SuzyQ,


The screen refresh setting is no longer an option in the new version of the software.  The setting is still there, but the option has been disabled.  This is something we have reported and it's unclear at this time whether that functionality will be restored.




Yeah, I didn't think that was working anymore either. That is a real killer for me - I turn the pc on, bring up the browser, login, and then just visit the forums every so often throughout the day. I am just absolutely not going to waste my time logging in again over and over, especially since there is no way to automatically log in, I have to do it manually each time (unless someone can tell me how to do it). THIS ISSUE MUST BE FIXED IMMEDIATELY.



Guys, I understand the desire to change and improve, but you ABSOLUTELY should not take away function. Add yes, change to improve functionality or performance yes, take away usefull functions NO.


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