Re: New Community Feedback - Please Post Here

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OK-after working with the new interface yesterday, here is a bit of feedback:


1. Even though I have my refresh set at 2 minutes, if I leave my computer for any length of time, and then come back, I have to log in again, my "session has expired".  I tend to leave the forum open and running (in the background) most of the day.  That doesn't seem to work any more.  :smileysad:


2. The smilies, on the other hand, are working much better.  I used to get an error (invalid html) whenever I tried to post one, it would "correct it", and then post it anyway.  Now it works.  :smileyhappy:


3. The red and pink kudos  The red, as that's Verizon's color, is OK, but the pink just doesn't work.  Even the red is a bit bright,  harsh on the eyes, softer colors would work better. 


4.  Embedded screen shots (well, just one that nmchileman posted yesterday) did not show up on my screen, I got a box with a triangle in it, no screenshot.  Is there a setting somewhere to allow images?  I couldn't find one.


I may have more as I use the boards further.

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