Re: New Community Feedback - Please Post Here

Líder Sénior

I see!!  I just logged in less than an hour ago and have been browsing, and replying, to get a feel for the new interface.  I need another cup of coffee....


It is "brighter", a lot more white space, it seems.  I have to get used to that, and that will take awhile.  More contrast would be easier on the eyes.  Buttons and tabs moved around--it'll take awhile to find things!  Kudos and Post buttons have swapped sides, Tags are off to the side, and the message composition area is huge....I have to scroll to find the Post button.  Maybe I'm just not writing enough in my responses?


We are all creatures of habit, I was comfortable with the old interface, and it will take some time to get used to this.  I will try though!  It all seems to work, as far as the threading, and replying, and tracking of things.  I will continue to explore and see what other changes/features I can find!

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