Re: Walmart iPhone 5 for $129.00 w/Contract


Look at Best Buy AD today...5C $1.00  5S $99.00.  I got my 5C @ Verizon Store in Waco for $99.00, October 5, the Sales Person at Verizon Store can't do anything, Help Contact at Verizon Wireless checked, but couldn't help only suggested return, since it wasn't 14 days and reactivate at Best Buy.  I don't think l'll ever enter another Verizon Store again... 3rd parties want business more and they will match competition.

A 5C from Wal-Mart, Best Buy most any established business works the same just depends on how much you want to charge your account.  Jeff, I thought do it all at Verizon also but no more, they all have their terms and conditions, just compare and get in writing.