Perplexing Visit to Verizon Store - Didn't Care to Sell Me a Phone?


     I've been a Verizon customer since I've had a cell phone.  Verizon is the best carrier and I've always received the very best of care when I call Customer Service.  But I just went to 4412 Falls Of Neuse Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina 27609  Phone: (919) 872-3202 and had the most peculiar experience.  This store must have made their monthly and annual quota. 

     I walk in and a gentlemen leaning against a column in the store (guessing he's the manager) with jacked up hair...very handsome; sees me and keeps glancing in my direction and then back over at the service desk where two employees were working with a customer.  After a few minutes he walks over to the checkout desk and I assume tells one of the employees to come help me.  Way to go Mr. Manager instead of coming over yourself while you were just leaning.  I then state to the salesman, who was very nice by the way, that I want to get an iPhone 5s 64g.  He shows me the white one on display, which I had the opportunity to play around with while the alleged manager was still glancing my way before telling someone else who was working with another customer to come over and help me.  I ask about what the other colors were that it came in; gold, which a very large picture was above the display, the white one, which is on display, and a black and silver.  I asked if I could take a look at a black and silver and he says, "Sorry, we don't have one out of the package."  And just looks at me; I didn't know what to say at first; then he said he may be able to find a picture, where he disappears a few minutes and comes back with an iPad with barely a quarter of a picture of the black and silver; so no real help there.

     Buying a cell phone these days is like buying a car; you want to see the color, the features, because you know what?  You are sticking with it for at least a couple of years and it's a device you use countless times throughout everyday.  Seriously, I'm just supposed to throw up my hands and say that you win, here's $400, just give me the first box you come by in your storeroom?

     I said, "I guess I can go to the Brier Creek Store and see if they have one I can see before I buy it."  And almost before I got the words out he was saying, "Sure," and darting off.  I can only imagine the look on my face was perplexing.  I literally stood there for a few seconds with my hands out thinking, what the heck just happened?  I came in for a phone and I just got second-rated and deferred to another store?  Is this store closing?  Because it probably should.  Back to calling Verizon customer service for assistance.  They have always been awesome.

     By the way...first time EVER writing a blog.  Very to see if this disappointment receives any attention and if I get any feedback from Verizon.