Re: What do you do when the Solution posted is Wrong?




From my perspective as a fairly frequent poster here who may or may not be one of the ones who you feel have posted incorrect info  :smileyvery-happy:  (I am really replying to both this thread and your other one on posters apparently replying frequently to gain status), I see at least a couple of options for you:


1) Simply post (hopefully reasonably nicely) in any thread where you disagree with the answer(s) that you disagree, why you disagree, and what you think the correct solution is. There are very few threads that get closed after being marked solved so you should be able to continue the thread. You cannot remove the solved mark, but the original poster can, and the moderators can.


2) There is a"report abuse to moderators" link at the bottom of the posts, you can always use that to identify specific posts that are wrong.


3) You can Private Message (PM) the original poster of the bad info, or PM one of the moderators, asking for changes.


I think it is best to not open a new thread disputing something in another thread, people might see only the original and go with the "bad" info.


If I am one of the posters you are referring to, please send me a PM with some details, I most definitely do not want to ever post incorrect info.


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