Re: can't log in using forum name/password


Before I start my post, I noticed that this afternoon, it seems the issue is FIXED for me!  I had this info in notepad from earlier in the day but didn't have a chance to post until now.  I thought I would post it anyway just to give an idea of what was happening for me.


I was getting the zip code error along with this following problem.  I've been having trouble the past few days also...this is different from all the other times I have logged in to the forums and I have never had issues previously at those log-ins. 

Okay, here is goes:

From this page:

I'll click sign in.  I'll enter my username from my verizon account log in. ***of note, I have never been able to log in to the forums using my actual forum log-in name, which is different from the username I use to access my billing info (even using the forum username and checking forums user doesn't work*** Once I put that info in, I get directed to this page:$SM$bEwI%204RT//ht0%20M8xQ87x4qXmsiwWcbn1qYew3b40Of8i5oEV6/NOQ%20wSmu%20nyBH&TARGET=$SM$HTTP://

This has a message on it that says the username and password are wrong, but when I type in the exact same info I typed in the first page, it works and I log in to my account.  I'm in the "overview" page. When I click on forums on the right side, it takes me to the forums back to the first link:

I have to click sign-in and then it comes up that I'm signed into the forums with the forum username (that is different from my billing username).

It's a little lengthy process that never happened before, I was able to just sign in to the forums using my verizon account username and had no redirection to another page.  (as noted above, this afternoon this issue was fixed for me)

Oh and worth a mention, when I try to use my forum username, I get a password/user ID error.  When I try to obtain the password or user ID info, it says that I'm not an active user and to please activate my account.  But when I log in using my billing username, it automatically directs me to the username I use for the forums.  The reason they are both different is that I signed up a while ago for the billing username and then about 6 months later signed up for the forum username because it wouldn't let me using my existing billing username.

Sorry if it sounds confusing!