Phone Trade In, Verizon Credit $20 over 2 years thats a little ridiculous


I thought I was getting a good deal, I turned in my Samsung S9 in October. I believe it was worth $140 and I would have been just happy to recieve that, but Verizon said they would give me a $450 credit. I thought that was generous but I figured since they were keeping it in house. When I finally recieved a notification that it was ready, I couldn't find anything about it on my verizon account. After using the chat. I was finally able to get a person. Which directed me to another person in the trade in department. Which was Mina who nice, not her fault but informed me verizon will credit me 18.99 every month for 2 years. She said they do not issue gift cards for this but she showed how to look at my account and it says gift card for 450???? How can Verizon just determine how they are going to credit you without even giving you an option? I rather had just taken a lesser amount rather than take that over 2 years . Also there was no communication of how this would occur. This is terrible Id rather have my phone back or the $100. They are not even crediting me until next month.

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