Can't answer incoming calls after PIE update


I know this isn't a VZW issue since TMobile/Sprint customers are experiencing the same thing, but I'm posting here anyway.  Every since the raggedy Pie update Software Version: G955USQU5DSDA on June 8 at 11:02 am, I have been unable to answer any calls!!!  I was able to answer perfectly fine at 10:50 am on June 8 BEFORE the update without hanging up on the caller. I've had some family emergencies and haven't been able to answer any of the calls which doesn't help if you don't have the direct number to call them back at.  

If I am able to answer now, the call will only last 23 seconds max before it disconnects. No matter how I try to answer (bluetooth, vol up, swipe, tap), the call will either hang up withing seconds or thinks I told it to ignore the call.  I'm so sick of this, paying for a phone I can't even answer and VZW has no clue how to fix it (of course their resolution for everything is FDR).   I've tried clearing the cache for the phone and the Smart Call app, sliding instead of tapping, Bluetooth headset, FDR, screen off/screen on and nothing is working.  Any other suggestions? It would be so nice to uninstall this update!!  This is unacceptable not being able to receive any incoming calls since June 8 that last more than 60 seconds.

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