Re: Latest Oreo Update Ruined Texting - Help?


Hello Juan,

Thank you for your response. Per your questions regarding overheating: The overheating occurs during use, particularly with use of certain apps including Skype but does not ever overheat during charging. 

- It does overheat to the point that it is too hot to the touch to hold. And I do use the Samsung charge cord & plug in that came in the phone box to charge it about 80% of the time. Sometimes I use another Samsung cord that came with my husband's phone (identical) about 10% of the time and sometimes I use an aftermarket cord pluged into the USB port of the wall about 10% of the time. 

- It has actually given me an overheating message before and shut itself down. 

- When it does overheat, it drains the battery rapidly. 

- I frequently close all apps because doing so seems to help prevent overheating and when it begins to feel hot, I lay it on a cool surface out of the case after closing all apps. 

Thank you, Maggie