Re: Second S8 and still having problems with GPS

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DesertRat96, I wouldn't automatically assume this is a security issue with your Verizon Wireless account and can see you've been through a lot at this point. Let's focus on some key points that can help make a difference going forward. Have we yet to replace the SIM card on your existing Galaxy S8? Since you're still running into GPS related issues, you can repair the original software on the Galaxy S8 in case something is corrupt and I would recommend setting the phone up as new once reset. Please reference the link below on the steps you can take to help remedy this issue by using the Software Repair Assistant Tool. Please keep us updated on any changes and if the software repair helps correct this problem.


The My Verizon application should not automatically be signing you into your My Verizon account either. Since you've factory reset the phone multiple times, do you notice it still logs you in at this point?


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