Re: Battery draining - Samsung Galaxy S7


I am having the same issues.

What I have observed:

- At full charge, the battery will drain to about 20% in a matter of hours.

- At 20-30% I receive a low-battery warning, and can literally watch the battery drain at that point to 0, at a rate of about 1% per second.   Translation, at 30%, the phone will die.

- I was talking on my phone, noticed my battery fell to 27%, immediately plugged it in, but before the charger connected, the phone was dead.

- I have checked and verified my app usage via app power monitor  is under 15%. 

-My mobile network is set to LTE/CDMA

This is either an issue with the latest updates, or a battery having gone defective.

What can we do? Will Verizon/Samsung replace the battery and/or phone?