Re: Why can I no longer have apps store app data to SD card

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This is a peer-to-peer forum. People here may or may not encounter the issues you encounter, depending on how they use their devices. Therefore, realize, you may get absolutely no support for your particular issue here. Or you might.

You wrote:

Ok so this is how you folks sensor things.

I asked what I asked and I expect real answer not garbage.

That seems like pretty unfair criticism directed at another peer (i.e. customer) who relayed useful information, perhaps not specifically what you were seeking. If not directed to the previous respondent, it would be inappropriate to direct it to a VZW forum moderator that happens by... You want them to help you don't you?

This is not to say your report is not important. It is, and probably affects others. So hang in there.

Are your VoiceMail messages with this meta-data still available on your SD card? I'd back it up on a PC before you go experimenting. Yes, maybe they did change where the messages are stored. If it's a VZW app, they make the decision on how it works and if/how it's tested. Maybe you can track down the author and put in a report - call into support and ask if it could be directed to one of the VZW App / VVM developers?