Why won't my Galaxy S5 turn on, charge or do anything at all?


I had the same problem with my S5.  One moment it was working, the next it was mysteriously caught in a boot loop, then it was totally inoperable.  The phone was 2 and a half years, old, no damage whatsoever.  I brought in to Verizon and the first thing they suggested was to buy a new phone, without looking at mine.  Next, they did look at it and said it was either a software or hardware issue and told me to go to a phone repair place.  The repair shop had my phone for three days and told me they had no idea what was wrong.  It would not turn on, even with a new battery.  I lost all of my contacts and a year's worth of photos.

I activated my son's S5 and transferred my number.  This time my phone lasted six days before it started overheating, and again I lost my photos (after Verizon supposedly set up my backup to the Cloud).  I am thoroughly disgusted!

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