Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 Overheating and Battery Drain / warranty


natashaa_vzw​ Thanks for the reply. I understand, of course, that there are things bundled by Verizon and those that Samsung has bundled that are beyond Verizon's control. Unfortunately, I get irritated in both cases because most of these decisions aren't really about customers, IMHO, but rather about the money that changes hands for pre-bundling things that waste space and can potentially negatively impact performance.

Yes, I have already disabled all the annoying Verizon-bundled apps as well as any Samsung ones that I am able to via uninstalling or disabling in the Application Manager. Unfortunately, that doesn't resolve all issues of completely unnecessary apps/services wasting battery and really comes down to Android development as well as Samsung's own programmers, etc. Regardless, I managed to disable Gear VR and the Beaming Service via a third-party non-root method. Pretty sad that this was required but such is life.

NOTE: For those interested I will not be saying how I disabled the apps/services because I am evaluating the benefits. I will also not accept the responsibility of someone who doesn't know what they are doing doing something that they shouldn't and bricking their phone because they did something that they should not have.