Re: Can't sync Fitbit now after new update

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DFWdad wrote:

Dear VZW responders, please tell me if I am wrong. It seems all you can do is read from a script of things to try. You don't seem to be able to do what we need:

- Research to see if Verizon technical people are even aware that there is trouble

- Research to see if anything is being done about it

- Report these issues to someone else in the company who can address these issues.

I encourage all of you customers to log on to your account on Verizon Wireless website, chat technical support, and reason with them until they open an incident. They did for me while saying they saw no other reports if trouble.

It seems that these community pages are just for us to sound off to each other.

I think that's right, most peer-to-peer support forums like this are for users to give advice to one another. VZW reps actually pop in here more frequently than is often the case in such forums. They are often helpful. But in this instance, they simply don't have the technical knowledge to tell us what is going on (and maybe not the corporate permission). I'm with you: all we want is information. Are VZW's technical people working on a solution for this? Are they communicating with Samsung? Will we see a fix or a patch sometime soon, or have to wait for next month's update to silently correct the problem without ever admitting it occurred?