Re: S7 Edge using 4G Data while on home wifi SCAM!!!!

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Community Manager

Hbkseanmichael, we certainly wouldn't want you to feel like you're being scammed. I use the S7 Edge as well and it's an excellent phone. You and your wife have great taste! We know how important it is to be conserve your data usage and be able to connect to Wi-Fi. We would be more than happy to address your concerns today to ensure everything is working properly.

I know that you're concerned about the 4G light on the phone. I certainly want to get additional information on the light that you're referring to just so we're both on the same page. Are you referring to the LED light that's on the top-left of the phone (to the left of the Samsung logo) or are you referring to the "4G LTE" symbol that's located on the top-right of the display (to the left of the signal, battery, and time)?

Regarding your concerns with the text messages that you're receiving overnight, please keep in mind that your data usage is not updated in real-time. The usage can update periodically throughout the day and at times take longer to process. As soon as we receive an updated record, we send out those text messages.

Were there any other concerns that led you to believe the phone is using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi when you're at home? We definitely want to make sure we are not overlooking anything else.


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