Re: Galaxy S7 Nougat Update


This is not at all helpful. I don't really care who's responsibility it is for the coding. Verizon is a large enough corporation to help/force Samsung to finish the code for this version. And with the source code being released quite a long time ago, I find it hard to believe they haven't finished testing and adding in bloatware. If cheaper and supposedly less reliable carriers can make it happen, why can't the largest? Other carriers add in bloatware too, just not as much. And the other big 3 released it within a few weeks of each other. Verizon, I don't think you get it. All we want is an update on the update. It it really is going to be months, then that doesn't necessarily mean I will switch carriers, I will just likely switch to a Pixel or something, though more likely I will switch carriers. But I think an actual estimate is fair to expect given the amount of money we pay for service, which to me includes timely software updates. If my hunch is true, which I'm pretty sure it is in this case, you are waiting to update after the S8 comes out so we have to buy the new phone to get the software update. If that is the kind of business you run, which many decisions in the past have suggested is true, you will eventually lose customers. If there really is some dramatic software issue you are working on fixing, let us know. At least then, assuming we trust you aren't just lying to us, we might have more trust in you. It wouldn't be that hard to just say that there is a tricky bug you are trying to fix or whatever the case is. But at a minimum I think it is more than reasonable to give us a REAL answer. Sending us to that useless link really well just irritate people. I guess I'm not really sure why I keep with you given that I would never recommend you to anyone, unless maybe they had an iPhone and didn't have to deal with this kind of garbage. Please let us know something real. It's the least you can do.