How Do I Stop My Phone From Freezing When Typing?


Kb freezes when typing, any fix

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Re: Kb freezes when typing, s7 edge


Limited information there Smiley Happy, but I'll take a stab.

I had the same issue, I think.  The keyboard letters would show up as usual when being tapped but nothing would type on the screen.  My only two options was to restart the phone, or, what I found that seemed to work was to leave whichever app completely and go back in.  Frustrating but it seemed to kickstart the keyboard again.

I also went in to Settings, Language and Input and selected Samsung Keyboard.  Then, I went down to Keyboard swipe and changed the setting to None and turned off Predictive Text (which turns off the auto-correct and such).  Not sure if that actually did anything but it seemed to stop the freezing up.

Apparently there are other keyboards available from the app store but I didn't go into the research there.

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Re: Kb freezes when typing, s7 edge

Community Manager
Community Manager

dsamsueldw, a freezing phone is never what we want for you. When did you first see this happen? Does this happen when using a specific application? Any new apps, games or software?

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