How do I use the hot spot on my phone?


How do I use the hot spot on my samsung phone?

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Re: How do I use the hot spot on my phone?

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Turn it on by going to settings, data (or networks), and finding the hotspot toggle.  Once there you can see the password and change it if you want, and also change the device name that other devices will see.

With the hotspot activated, use another device with wifi on to "see" the phone's hotspot, and connect by typing in the password you saw or set up above.

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Re: How do I use the hot spot on my phone?

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The hot spot feature is fantastic, hitwinners and I'd be happy to help you access it. We want to be sure that you are clear on how to locate the feature and we appreciate you working with us.
As SuzyQ mentioned, the hot spot feature is typically found by navigating to settings > data (or networks) and locating the hot spot option. In order to better assist, may we please have the specific make/model of your device? Please reach back out to us when you have the opportunity and we will be ready to continue helping.

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