Re: I want to upgrade from S5 to S7 but my contract date not until September. ¿Cuáles son mis opciones?

Sounds way too suspicious. I'm not 100% against local Verizon shops, but they can get you wrapped up in some shady contract deals. If your new contract is up soon, why not get two new lines, lease the S7s and take advantage of the BOGO offer. When you get the Visa gift card, pay off the S5 lines and sell the them. You'll still be in a lease agreement for the S7s, but they are the first Samsungs with Verizon that will let you upgrade after 1 year or 50% of the lease is paid off. You still come out on top anyway you look at it. Do it all online though, skip the local shop so you don't get roped into something shady.