WiFi Connectivity Issues



I noticed a few threads in this board with the same issue, and tried all of the recommendations to no avail. I also went in to the verizon store and wasted an hour of my time with less than helpful employees who think they know everything.

I bought 2 new S7's a week and a half ago, and have had persistent issues with one of them regarding wifi, While im on Wifi I cannot download apps, play youtube videos, or videos on facebook. I don't get notifications on a timely basis either. My router firmware and software is up to date, as is my phones. I can browse google, facebook, manually refresh my gmail and do other things that I guess don't use as much data on the wifi. I am extremely irritated that I paid a lot of money for phones that are not working as they should. Verizon put in a new sim card and did a hard reset, and it still is not working. I'm not sure what to do at this point. My 14 days are almost up, and i expressed this to the verizon employees who seemed to think just because they got it "working", ie. receiving notifications for a few minutes, that it was fine. It is not. And i'm not happy,

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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