Re: Samsung S5:  Storage - Miscellaneous files - amounts inaccurate

Jallis - Okay, thanks.  I didn't think it was just me, but I'm guessing most people aren't really looking at that stuff. 

bearone21 - If the last system update was 83 MB, why did it tell me it needed 500 MB to download and install?  I know that apps, pics/vids - but both of those have their own groups in Storage.  Other things like texts, emails, etc. take up space, but those text-based items aren't eating up 5+ GB of storage.  I think the cause may be bloatware, and that's what I was hoping someone from Verizon (or community) would be able to direct me to delete.  I wish I knew where "Miscellaneous files" were stored in the folder tree/path so I could review myself.  I'm guessing this is why many people "root" their phone - to take back ownership of all the extra junk that they don't need on there.  I just hesitate to do that for safety/warranty concerns. 

I'm still considering getting an SD card at some point in the future if it keeps becoming an issue.  I was just hoping someone would have an answer as to how I can browse the folders to find whatever is in "Miscellaneous Files", or tell me there is some bug that isn't actually freeing up the space when files are marked as "deleted".