Re: Can you uninstall lollipop 5.0 and go back to 4.4.4 kitkat?


Yes, I have posted in a few other threads, awareness is key! As I’ve stated in other posts. I have done all I can to make my phone usable. It worked PERFECT before this lolliflop update. Now I have to basically shut off everything just so it’ll last all day. Which is unacceptable. As frustrating as it was, and painstakingly time consuming. I did a FDR, wiped the cache, removed apps, etc. Removed FB and the messenger app, turned off smart switch, I have tried everything that I’ve seen suggested. It got slightly better for like a day! Turning off my WiFi isn’t really an option for me. I have 3 teenagers on my data plan…  My frustration is that I have to do those things now, not before, NOW. I might as well just not carry the phone with me!! It’s useless without the tools I have them for... I’ve been dealing with this for over a month now… I have been proactive, researching and trying to figure out this nightmare. Testing this and testing that.  I would like to have my phone back to working order and apparently Verizon isn't going to send out any info or a statement.... What I don't get is why only some people have issues and others don't! I just wish SOMEONE would take ownership of this colossal mess and let us know, that they know, and that they are working on fixing it!