Re: Can you uninstall lollipop 5.0 and go back to 4.4.4 kitkat?

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So, you've posted in a few threads about the many issues plaguing your device.

Tell me, did you ever back up your personal content and perform a Factory Data Reset?

First thing, there are some people that claim disabling Facebook, and Facebook Messenger has improved their device's ability to run a long time without recharging. Have you tried this? Do so and reboot the device.

Have you also determined if your device is constantly hunting for a stronger WiFi signal? I think you have an option for this under Settings | WiFi | Advanced, and turning off Smart Switch or there may be something associated with Search for Stronger Wifi or something like that. I apologize, I don't have your device. Infact, one interesting test for you... Turn off WiFi. How long does your phone's battery last when you do that?

Next, some people have claimed improved device operation after clearing low-level cache. Have you tried that?

If you've done both of the stuff above, and still are only getting a few hours of operating time on battery (it seems to me, doing just about nothing) if it were me, I would backup my personal content and perform a FDR, and disable FB and FB messenger and check the above stuff again.

Then - I would not initially install anything (I mean anything) but the most critical 3rd party applications that you must have to use your device, thus lessening the possibility that a 3rd party program is culprit. I would go three days like this, with three discharge / charge cycles and see if the battery longevity is better.

Of course YMMV. Good luck to you.