Re: How does one prevent a Galaxy S4 from updating to NG6?


Both of the phones on my account attempted to update at the first opportunity after connecting via Wifi.  I was able to stop it (hopefully permanently) by going into the settings, selecting software update, and then selecting "NO" when it asked whether I wanted to update.  Since I'm on the grandfathered unlimited data plan still, I seldom use wifi and my wife never has the need to.  But I have to agree with many here.  I find this whole issue of defect laden software distasteful.  I've been with Verizon since their beginnings and up to now I've had nothing but praise for them.  I'm also in the IT Industry and there is no excuse for Verizon to continue to push this defect laden update on to its unsuspecting customers.  I can only guess that they've gotten so huge that they just don't care anymore.  My phones currently function as they should and I will attempt to keep them that way.  If their customer service doesn't get it's act together and come up with a resolution that doesn't require their customers a bunch of grief, I see a class action lawsuit in their future.

In the case of Verizon, just say "NO" pertains to more than drugs.