Re: Has verizon or samsung told anyone when there will be an actual fix to the incurable ng6 update that is causing power cycling?


It's not "rare"!!! It's all over your message boards.  Battery drains fast and gets very hot (one time I had to pull away from my ear... yeah, that hot) may have been solved by clearing all my system and application cache.  Still drains faster than before, just not "as" fast until I did this.  Still unresponsive home screen after unlock and reboots several times a day.  Overall more sluggish than prior to update. All of this started immediately after NG6 update.

Verizon, there are two options:

1. Apologize and offer way to fall back to previous firmware version.

2. Apologize and provide a fix.

The Verizon support boiler plate responses aren't working. Verizon, you obviously have a major problem here.  Don't blame Samsung and Google.  You pushed it to my phone.  Fix it!