Re: S4 not connecting to 4G/no internet services and saying failed text messages but sending them..

Exactly the same thing here. I get no internet connection at least 5 times a day and the same amount of times for no receiving/sending text messages. However, I noticed that this is definitely an issue that occurred after the last update. I had the S4 since May '12 until I installed the latest update where the problems started to rise. I called Verizon, - shut off phone, turned back on, removed SIM card, waited, removed battery and SIM card but nothing. They had replace my phone. Once I got my phone in December, I decided not to install the latest update until 2 nights ago because of the constant reminder that there is an update available which I got tired of seeing every 12 hours. Same problems and now I am frustrated because I called Verizon support just to hear its not there problem but that Samsung is liable.