Re: Samsung GS3 Battery Drain after 4.3 update



I think enough is enough, the verizon support moderators have been told to do anything to keep us here and not admit to the truth by giving useless suggestions.  The problem is a bad update, remove it, revert (yes love Android 4.1.2 or 4.2 compared to this bad update, or move us to KitKat (tested please)):

a) Does anyone have contacts with the Media or is anyone in Media?  Can we have a journalist take down Verizon and Samsung? 

b) Everyone here please complain to the regulator FCC

c) Write to your state representative

d) Write to your state/federal consumer affairs bureau

e) Write to Verizon to give you credit and indicate clearly it is their bad update which is draining batteries and creating huge data leakages and not your usage of the phone

f) If there is a lawyer reading this and want to create a class action lawsuit against Verizon, AT&T etc, you can count us in.