Re: Samsung GS3 Battery Drain after 4.3 update


I noticed in December after an update that my phone was having significant battery drain issues. I also had issues with the phone suddenly shutting off when the battery wasn't even all the way ran down, but would not turn on until it was plugged in again.

Now today I received another update. This one I had no choice but to receive. The battery is once again WORSE. I hate the new look on this update. Features I  used that were standard on the phone (such as T9 word) have disappeared and forced me to use an app to replace it (again, HATE that).  I realize the updates are essential to have the latest technology but I DO NOT understand why features disappear. This is so irritating I'm about to opt out of even having a smartphone all together. I got this phone when it was on the market 2 weeks. Its "old"  and my contract isnt even near up! Its ridiculous at best.