Can't email pictures


I am unable to send any emails with pictures attached. This is with the stock Gmail app, and any of my accounts on the stock email app l (Yahoo, Work exchange account, or iCloud.). The email says delivery failed and just sits in my outbox indefinitely, periodically trying to send. This is over 4G, 3G, or any Wifi network.

My tablet on the same account, same networks, same accounts, has no issues.. Note 101.1 LTE.

This isn't a new issue.. Thinking somehow tied to my line. I had the same issue on all my previous phones... Galaxy S3, Rezound, Thunderbolt, and Incredible. Same accounts on same phones.. Same exact problem.

I need my phone for work, a Verizon retailer actually, but just haven't found the time on my personal time to call tech support. Hoping someone here may have a quick fix..

Thanks in advance.

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