"Unfortunately, Bluetooth share has stopped"


I have a Note 3 and a Gear, since the last android update from VZ every time I try to SCAN for devices (not pair, I don't get that far) i get the message "Unfortunately, Bluetooth share has stopped" I have tried a hard reset, I have tried closing the bluetooth share and test application in the app manager and clearing data/cash. I just got a new car and I really want my phone to work with it! VZ will you be pushing out an update soon to fix the problem (either a 4.3 or 4.4 update, I know some places in Europe have 4.4 already)? The problem also happens randomly during the day, scanning for devices is just a way to force it to happen.

It is causing problems with my Gear because it keeps loosing the connection to the phone and is then searching for another signal, which is in turn killing the battery on my gear.

Please help!

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