Re: Proximity Sensor Issues and Signal Issues


I appreciate your response, even though it mostly saddens me. I didn't realize it was pretty much un-monitored by Verizon. Verizon Community makes you think they're involved.. they should call it the Verizon Customer Community instead.

I understand they may not guarantee signal in buildings (or anywhere else for that matter), but let's be realistic. No one buys a phone to walk outside to use it or intends to only be able to use it outside. I shouldn't be relegated to years old technology like 1X data connection on a brand new phone when I step 10 feet inside a building. I also shouldn't have to even think about pulling my sim card to get the phone to work. If I'm traveling and having problems I don't have time to take my phone apart and play with it and wait a few minutes for this or that to 'maybe' get it working again.

And I assure you, my tone is not directed at you as I know this is not your problem or fault. Just making a statement about the situation in general. I really believe its a phone issue and will be taking it to the store as soon as I get some time. Thanks again for the reply.