Re: BOGO early payoff


Then you guys need to incorporate some hard stops, giant warning messages,  or not even allow people to pay off their phones online at all when it involves these types of plans.   

If I would have realized that I was handing over 450 dollars to you that went to nothing at all.   Not my phone,  not my monthly phone bill,  not apps, not music,  not accessories...... absolutley nothing.   If I would have realized the only thing I was doing by paying off my 450 phone bill was causing myself another 450 phone bill,  I never in a million years would have paid it.   

Now in most corners of the US if you are handing money over to a company expecting a certain product or service, and you don't get that,  the consumer should be able to recoup that.   At the very least make the contracts go back to what they were and give me back my money.  Because I certainly wasn't expecting this.   

If this is the way the contracts are designed there should be no reason why it is so easy to pay their phone off without first having to speak to a CSR to ensure your consumer fully understands what they are about to do to themselves and their bill.  

Keeping all of this in mind, the companies motives and ethics come into question.  Also, my desire to do business with your company from this point moving forward is lacking to say the least.