Re: I just got my Unlocked Note 9 from Samsung directly and its not compatible... sigh.


Amazon Customer Review by King on 9-12-18: "The phone is Unlocked, but the Verizon system does not always recognize the IMEI number. I went to the local Verizon store, and the computer would not allow the employee to start the process. I went home, contacted Amazon about the issue, and was set up with a replacement. As I did more research on if even a replacement would work, I found a link on the Verizon Support Site where you can manually enter an IMEI number and it will tell you if it is compatible. I did, and was told my phone was a perfect match. I went back to the store and passed this on to the employee. He tried two more times, both bar code and manually entering the numbers. No luck. He suggested that since the online support site said it was good, maybe dialing *611 and speaking with a tech would help. This was a good suggestion. I explained the situation, gave the tech the IMEI code, and off it went. There were several more steps, one involving the serial number of the SIM Card that would be going in the new phone, but he was able to input the phone in the system. About 25, 30 minutes later, it was all done. I hurried back to cancel the replacement phone. Very good customer service from both Amazon and Verizon."

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