Re: Note9 Pie Update - Verizon Slacking


This is disturbing news to know we're still waiting in the wild (all VZW Note 9 users).  I was hopeful when the S9/S9+ received their One UI update, that we'd soon follow.   I just read T-Mobile is now on board with releasing the update to their Note 9 customers and join the ranks of AT&T and Sprint.   So, what's going on with VZW's ability to expedite One UI for Note 9 and be more informative about the process vs sp mysterious.   I'm vicariously living through other Note 9 users who have One UI and attempting to remain hopeful our Note 9s will have an update anyday for Android Pie.  Verizon please listen to your Note 9 consumers and provide us with the much anticipated One UI.  To be honest, the Note 9 should have received the update before the S9/S9+ especially since it was a newer device model.  Remaining loyal and hopeful for this update.