Re: Note9 Pie Update - Verizon Slacking


I have been running the final official CSAA version from Samsung for the past couple weeks on my Note 9.  It can be easily sideloaded from your SD Card.  By doing this process you are in no way violating your TOS since you are not modifying your bootloader.  This is very likely to be the same OTA version that will be pushed out very soon.  Though it is speculation, there is a lot of traffic that claims to have inside connections that point to Friday, March 1.  Also since this is not a custom rom and is an official version, it will in no way block future updates including security update.  The process is quite simple and takes about 15 - 20 minutes.  Once it starts walk away, as it appear for a period of minute to not be doing anything.  A good link with good instructions can be found here

Another good site, but not as detailed is