Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wireless Charging Stopped Working


Unable to wireless charge the Note 8 phone inside or outside of any case.

Never wet, dropped, scratched, broken, or damaged in any way. And yes, I

powered the phone off/ on. No new apps, viruses, or software issues that

would cause this to happen. It seems to be a hardware defect. Perhaps

Samsung designed the phone incorrectly in how they built their wireless

charging into the phone. We all know what happened with the Note 7 phones

and their battery issues. Better engineering, design, and more testing by

Samsung might be a good idea.

Its hard for me to believe that I am the only Note8 owner who is having

issues wireless charging, and am now going on my 3rd Note 8 in about 3

months time.

My Galaxy S7 Edge phone never had a wireless charging issue.

Mophie says their juice pack case wouldn't cause this issue, but of course

they're going to say that, ha. Maybe it's both that are defective the

Mophie juice pack case and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone. The Otterbox

wouldn't have any impact on causing this issue, so I am ruling it out.

Hopefully someone will find out soon, so I can stop replacing phones every

month, as its a huge inconvenience and very frustrating. When my defective

phones are returned, I hope someone is testing them to determine the cause

of the issue.





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